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Transcription from a newspaper cutting on 'Miss Carrie Bailey'

Date and Newspaper unknown.



On such a day as last Saturday, it is a pleasure to have a "carte blanche" to wander over the spacious ground of Thistleton. After a cursory glance at the tennis and bowls, I reached the basket ball ground where the instructress (Miss Duthrie) was giving budding aspirants the preliminary send-off. After this design had been accomplished, the energetic gymnastic mistress turned her attention to the cricket pitch, and in a short time sides were picked, and the game in full progress. The play was of a feminine flavour until the advent of Miss Carrie Bailey, who wielded the willow in almost masculine fashion, quickly banging the ball to the four boundary on six occasions. The physical proportions of this girl are a credit to herself and …(newspaper fold blur the next few words)…for the ………of its………….., physically, mentally, and morally. After the termination of the innings, I enjoyed a pleasant chat with Miss Marrie Bailey (misspelt her name!). On the breast (yes it does say 'breast') of the regulation costume were attached two stips of blue ribbon and one of red. These are the Victoria Cross of the gymnastic department, as they represent perfect attendance, good conduct, and the highest marks in the final tests. With a little persuasion, I enticed out of our subject that she took special interest in cricket and she is this year the captain. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of ladies cricket clubs in the district, but good teams will be met in Aston High School, Brunswick, and Boulevard Secondary School, whilst the new Training College may yet organise a team. But if there was a match every Saturday it would militate against her other tastes, as "Carrie" is quite an all rounder, and in the hockey team takes the centre-half position, and opponents will vouch for her prowess in this vigorous game. These two sections do not complete her programme, as she is the champion lady swimmer of the…………….on two occasions has finished first in the ……lengths test. The very appearance of our subject ………………………………………..the other contestants, so that it is a common expression, "Oh, Carrie Bailey is in for it, that's enough!" And the remark was justified at last year's sports where she captured every event for which she entered, including the ……yards race (in which, needless to say, she was handicapped to the scratch mark), the ……yards skipping race, and in the quarter mile team race she finished first home with her co-teamers, Misses Rachel Hunter and Mary Motrimer not far behind, the team taking first place. Sport and Studentship With charming naivete she confessed to having been ………………………and as she went to the ……………..school, a table of logarithms will not be needed to calculate her age. But Miss Bailey has a strong mind as well as a strong body and there is no more deligent student at the …………………classes, the course most appealing to her active temperament being the one in ambulance. As a morris dancer too, she is an expert. Perhaps no girl in the school would rouse less jealousy with such a splendid record of successes as on the subject. Though she looks every inch a champion, she is very loth to say so, and is genuinely modest. The annual sports are to-day, and, of course, she has filled up a few entrance forms, but whether she wins or loses to-day will make no difference to her demeanour."